It could be devastating in later years.
Modern Retirement Theory...
... should be applied to your portfolio. Instead, it is most likely being managed utilizing Modern Portfolio Theory or MPT. MPT was developed by economist Harry Markowitz in a 1952 essay, for which he was later awarded a Nobel Prize in economics. It was designed for the management of assets held by institutions, not individuals or families. Institutions have infinite time spans and do not need a plan for spending money in retirement. Retirees though, are saving for the purpose of spendng in retirement, unlike institutions. BIG PROBLEM!

Find out what a significant difference it can make in your retirement by using Modern Retirement Theory for saving and investing. Literally, for many it will be the difference between running out of money and not running out of money. You will also learn many other eye-opening facts and concepts related to risk vs. protection in retirement that you have never heard before. Click the RISK LESS SPEND MORE button below to get more information on our NO COST workshop.
...If my portfolio is being mismanaged, when would I want to know?

 I concerned about having enough money to last the rest of my life?

...Can I be truly diversified if all my money is in the market?

...How will I provide twice as much income in 25 years for inflation?

...Do I want to KNOW I will be financially OK, or is HOPE enough?

...What happened to pensions and how do I get one now?

...Do I understand the risk I am taking?

...How important is peace of mind?
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